Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey


Gender Male
Occupation Christmas Spirit
Religion Christian
Wife Autumn Hankey
Daughter Amber Hankey
Son Cornwallis Hankey
Son Simon Hankey
Voiced by Trey Parker
First Appearance Damien (cameo)
Last Appearance I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining


A magical being that appears once a year on Christmas to those who have eaten lots of fiber to spread tidings of joy, Mr. Hankey is the living embodiment of the very Spirit of Christmas itself. With the help of his lovely wife Autumn and his three children - Amber, Simon and Cornwallis, Mr. Hankey cheerfully spreads the joy and commercialism of the holiday season to all he can - and throws himself at people who disrespect his loyal believers like Kyle and Chef. He also sings holiday songs to cheer people up (or making them quit their bitchin') and sticks himself in your mouth or coffee mug sometimes.

Mr. Hankey spends most of the year living in his cozy little house in the sewers, and can only spend extended time on the surface with the help of Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls. He can also travel via the Poo-Choo Express, as well as the magical Helicraptor, and the Seven-Turdy Seven. He's also a grand master wizard of poo magic when push comes to shove with powerful enemies such as Robert Redford - more than capable of running them out of town. He's a big fan of commercialism and his name appears on all sorts of products, but be careful - there's a lot of fake Mr. Hankeys out there, but only one real one!

If you're a REAL fan of Mr. Hankey, you can buy a Mr. Hankey Construction Set and make you very OWN Mr. Hankey!

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Video Games

South Park: Tenorman's Revenge

The boys visit Mr. Hankey in his home in the sewers and he informs them about his hidden keys, made out of crap. They also must ride the Poo-Choo Express and battle hoardes of Ginger Kids. He plays no further role in the storyline.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

When the player visits the Sewers, they can greet Mr. Hankey at his little house, as well as his wife Autumn Hankey. When she realizes she's lost the kids, the player is tasked to find them in the sewers - if successful, they can gain Mr. Hankey as a summonable character, where he will use his poo magic to assist in battle.

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